Sunday, April 20, 2014

Update for an Update

Since my last post, in no particular order:

  • I failed Physics 72. Therefore I am taking summer classes. Sucks for me!
  • I have been taking a lot of personality tests. You all probably know how obsessed I am with these tests. Hashtag, narcissistic. 
  • I'm finally transferring to a condo! Adios dorm life! Farewell forever! I am sick with you. I am so sick with my dorm life that if I stay any longer I will puke on the walls. Loljk. I love my dorm friends, it's just that I want to live freely, and probably alone already. It feels so odd, like I'm in a hurry to grow up, but then I stop and think that I'm already turning 20 in a few months.
  • I've been into some hand lettering recently. 
  • I started watching 2 Broke Girls, and gurl, this is mah show. The humor is just so me, and also the boobs.
  • Ninang Patti arrived yesterday. We went to the parlor and I had my hair dyed a little lighter. 
  • I /finally/ bought a decent pair of jeans. I don't remember the last time I even owned jeans.
  • I am already a probee member of UAPSA! Wuhoo! 
  • I want to have a wardrobe change. I want to give all my what-14-year-olds-wear clothes away, and replace them with sophisticated and decent-looking clothes. 
  • I heard mass this afternoon with my relatives. Congrats.
  • I have outgrown Forever 21. I am Cotton On. Are you?
  • I associated my crush with an elephant. For some reason, I really feel that his spirit animal is an elephant. So, if ever I accidentally tell him that and he reads this, I am dead. 
  • I wish to perform a stand-up comedy.
  • Also, spoken word poetry.
And lastly,
  • I have come up with a conclusion that I have never, in my 19 years of living, been in love. 

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