Saturday, April 20, 2013


Believe it or not:

This was me two years ago.

Seeing old photos of me is simply depressing. And the fat jokes (and truths) don't make me any happier, either. I know it's partly my fault that I'm fat now - I've been eating too much sugar. I've been eating too much, period. Partly, it's also not my fault because after high school, I stopped playing badminton. I used to play regularly, especially in third year. I'd go home every weekend just to play. I wouldn't miss a day in summer training, either. Even when I used to train, I knew I ate a lot of sugar. I wasn't overweight because I was active. I kept playing. Now that I stopped, I just bloated. It's sad, really. And I've cried over it a number of times already. I try my best to go on a diet, but it never works. I just end up craving for rice again. 

I went to the gym again today because 1.) Hannah gave me her slot for a fun run on May 5 and 2.) I want to get fit again. The best person I can talk to about fun runs, I guess, is my older brother. He's been joining fun runs since 2011 and he lost so much weight. He is much more fit now. Yiiiee, fitspiration! He gave me this link:

It's the Couch-to-5K Running Plan. It's a training plan for beginners for running. There is a schedule you follow weekly. For the first week, I'm going to do a 5-minute warmup walk and then alternate 60 seconds of jogging and 90 seconds of walking for a total of 20 minutes. I'm going to do this 3-4 times this week.

I'm not a fan of routine, but I have to do this for myself. For every time I looked at the mirror and cried, for every time I browsed through old pictures of myself, for every time I got judged, for every time I got insecure, for every time I denied photographs - I'm doing this.

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