Thursday, May 16, 2013

Sorry I haven't been blogging recently. I've been quite busy this summer - nothing school-related, exactly, because I'm not even that close to passing Math 53. Which is depressing, really. I used to think it was cruel for a prof to take your math skills away from you just like that, but I guess I just lost it and I don't have the motivation to regain it. I just...want to breathe.

I'm more active in my other blog, just in case you want to stalk me, but I'm guessing you already know I'm one hella venting machine, so let's just skip the stalking part.

Nothing interesting going on recently.

Wait, I'll try to check my iPhoto.

*after 2 minutes*

Here are a few photos from summer.

Star Wars Day, May 4. Walked around Serendra in my awesome Star Wars shirt from my friend, Rina. I literally screamed when I saw Darth Vader and I just had to have a photo taken with him.

Bonded with my sister for an entire month because she had her UPCAT review here in Katipunan.

If you're a twitter follower of mine, you'll probably know how much I love the show Community. Just recently, NBC was planning to cancel Community because it's been getting bad reviews since the fired Dan Harmon at the end of Season 3. They had to sort of cut the 4th season in half, ending it early so NBC could decide whether or not to keep the show on air. Luckily, my prayers were answered and it's official: Community Season 5, baby!

My attempt at ombre nails

Star Wars nail "art"

My sister started playing badminton this summer. That's my high school jersey she's wearing. And she's only 8. WTF.

Went to Page's house last weekend! I missed this girl so much! Page is my college best friend. :) 

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