Tuesday, April 3, 2012


My Chem 1 prof released our grades today and I am immensely proud of myself for getting a 1.75. To be honest, I barely even passed my 2nd LE and I don't contribute much in groupworks. It's not that I don't want to,  it's just that I really suck at Chemistry. Thus, I expected a grade of 2.25, max. 

It's also quite upsetting that I used to be a University Scholar last semester and now I'm not even sure if I could make it as a College Scholar because of my 3 other grades, but it's okay with me. I know people might think I'm bragging about my grades because I posted this. Suck it. I worked hard for this, okay? Besides, we don't get anything when we make it to US or CS, just...bragging rights. Therefore, I have the right to brag about my first sem grades. Hahahaha! 

I used to be really grade conscious last sem, but this sem, I let go not because I'm patapon, but because I don't want to study because I want good grades. I want to study because I want to learn, and I know that's what's important.

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