Friday, April 6, 2012

Two days ago, Jo and I accompanied Alphonso to Gaisano because he was going to meet up with his friends. Unfortunately, they didn't show up so we ended up bonding at Greenwich and the toy store. I didn't have money that day and I saw some Star Wars toys, so I had to cross the street to withdraw so I could buy a Darth Vader bobblehead. 

I'm looking forward to going back to Manila this month with Juancho, because I'm going to look for more Star Wars collectibles. I think I'm getting quite obsessed now. I don't get why I never really liked Star Wars when I was a kid. I just can't stop thinking about it now, after finishing all the episodes in 3 days. I mean, it just makes so much sense!! Remember my New Year's resolution? Well, I guess for the first time, I'm at it! So, congratulations to me! :)

I'm so crazy. Hahaha. This is one super random post and I'm not even going to reread whatever I wrote here. I've got nothing better to do this afternoon.

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