Monday, January 30, 2012

Goodbye, nightmares!

Yesternight, I was at the highs of  my stress-driven self because of the Comm 3 Interview Plan which my partner and I had to do all over again and because I haven't started reading on anything for our Art Stud 2 midterms yet. I fell asleep at least an hour after I went to bed and shut my peepers, which happens every time I get too stressed out and inevitably reflect on how much of a failure I am.

On the bright side, I woke up to Ma'am Eloi's announcement that our midterms be moved on Thursday. I literally whispered "Yes!" aloud (yeah, whisper aloud) and did the clenched fist thing.

Anyway, this afternoon, my mom reminded me to give Tito Law a thank you present for being my guest for the interview. I had no idea what to give him at first, but my mom told me it should be handmade and suggested I give him a dream catcher. (I hope he doesn't read this post yet! It's supposed to be surprise but you all know how impatient I am, right?)

So I went to National Bookstore to buy some of the materials I didn't have and started doing the frame at 7Eleven. There, a stranger approached me in amazement and we had this conversation:
Stranger: Is that a dream catcher?
Me: Yeah.
Stranger: Woah. Do you, like, sell those?
Me: No. Well, not yet.
Stranger: Is it your first time to make one?
Me: Probably third.
Stranger: You should sell those, you know.
Me: I'll think about it.
Dear stranger, whoever you are, I would like you to know you just made my day. 

Here's the dreamcatcher I made:

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