Tuesday, January 31, 2012

My first blog giveaway (Fixed the mechanics)

I promised on Twitter long ago that I would be having a blog giveaway sometime. Well, I think it's the perfect time for one. For my first ever blog giveaway, I am giving out a dreamcatcher made by yours truly. *wink*

I just found out through my Tita that something was wrong with the commenting system of my blog. So instead of leaving a comment, just PM me on Facebook or tweet me at @carinamorente. You may also send me an email at carina.morente15@yahoo.com! So if you tried commenting already, you might as well contact me again. 
If you share this link on Twitter/Facebook (http://carinamorente.blogspot.com/2012/01/my-first-blog-giveaway-feel-free-to.html), I will write your name twice for a doubled chance to win! ;) (Inform me if you do so!)
I am automatically including those who commented on my Facebook account, requesting for one. :)

Please take note that only those who live in the Philippines are allowed to join (sorry readers from the other side of the world!). I will be taking note of all the participants and choose a winner using the True Number Generator from http://www.random.org/. If you are outside of Quezon City, I will look for a way to send it to you, but don't worry because I will pay for everything. :) Comments after 11:59 pm on Friday (February 3) will not be counted. The winner of this giveaway will be announced on Saturday, February 4. 

Here are some photos I took just now:

Come on, I know you want this baby. ;) 

*note: 2 more feathers are yet to be attached.

**All images are mine, protected under Copyright Law. Please do not use without permission. 

"May the odds be ever in your favor." - Hunger Games

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