Sunday, September 11, 2016

Let's talk about Faith

You won't find faith or hope down a telescope
You won't find heart and soul in the stars
You can break everything, down to chemicals
But you can't explain a love like ours.
- Science and Faith // Coldplay

Hello, I am having a mild epiphany of some sort right now, so allow me to share with you seedlings of my brain process. I am about to share with you tidbits of my religion and Faith. These beliefs may have drastically changed throughout the years, so I may have posted some similar stuff before that may not apply to me now.

Background check and disclaimer: I used to be a Catholic my entire life, then stopped believing halfway through college, and now I am a Christian. I am not baptized as one, nor am I an expert in His Word, but I consider myself one and I am only about to embark on a journey that will help me explore more about Him. Maybe next time I could talk about this came to be, but I'll save that for a separate occasion. Today, I want to talk about my idea of God and why I still need a religion - particularly Christianity.

I was actually in the middle of doing thesis when I decided to take a sanity break to write a letter to *coughs* someone because he texted me that he was going to go to church today. I am so happy right now. So happy to the point that I actually want to revive my blog again just to share this. So here goes.

This semester, I am taking STS - Science and Technology in Society. Recently we've been discussing Science and how one of its goals is to explain nature. We've also been discussing Science and its "conflict" with religion, specifically the Catholic church. My faith has nothing to do with the conflict of science and religion, and that's something I want to study objectively.

What I am more concerned about is science and nature. I think it's absolutely amazing how science is able to quantify all these things working together in nature. It stuns me how science is able to explain different phenomenon occurring in nature - how it all makes so much sense to the smallest detail. I love how scientific thinking means being logical - because what other way is there to explain all these things in nature? It all just makes sense. But here's the thing. The more I study and learn about how science could explain nature in order to know the truth, the more I believe in God. This has nothing to do with science being unable to explain extraordinary phenomenon. In other words, science gives me a reason to be more amazed at how perfectly the universe holds itself together, and there has to be something that keeps all these things intact. That something is not "out there" holding the universe in his hand. To me, He is the universe.  He is nature. He is every little phenomenon. He is the works. He is everything science can and cannot explain. He is the constant not only behind the nature of how things work, but He is in all things that work. AMAZING.

I feel like human languages are just limited, so we don't really have words to explain or refer to Him. Well, maybe if we go back to history, religions had a say into how we refer to God as "He" and imagine him as a person or as a "something", but no words could literally explain God because He is greater than anything and everything. Even I have a difficult time trying to articulate my thoughts on this.

I could care less about religion, given I already know and acknowledge that God exists, but I still choose to become a Christian and study His Word. I have two main reasons for choosing to have a religion: First, I do not have an outlet for praising Him (note my perception of God in the paragraphs above) because it simply blows my mind how everything works and falls into place, and how vast and detailed everything is in the universe. I don't know, I cannot absorb everything, and the universe just has so much in it. Christianity is a medium for me to show how amazed I am about all these things. Second and more importantly, Christianity gives me the promise that God loves me back. I love how Science makes me love and get to know God more, but Christianity tells me that God loves me back. Can you imagine that? The universe loves you back. How wonderful is that?! And I believe it! I actually believe it! I have God with me, I have God in me - I have the universe. I have everything. How absolutely beautiful a thought, how great and amazing a feeling.

I am a child of God.
I am a child of the universe.
I have the universe in me.

 I want to give it to you, too.

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