Sunday, March 8, 2015

It's 3:56 am and I'm here at Bo's Coffee Shop in Katipunan barely able to type properly because my fingertips are being bitten by the cold of the night, supposedly CAD-ing our group's floor plans. Ideally, I would have been done with the floor plans by now if only I knew how to focus. Well, I don't. HAHAHA. Here's what I've really been doing:

I've been working on Blue Merchandise stuff since 6 pm. I must admit it's a pretty tough job, having to do all the thinking, running, carrying, selling, and dying. I finally came up with a solution on how to keep it running next week because I have two deadlines with heavy requirements.

I could now finally breathe! *takes five deep breaths*
Thank you, new mems!

On another note, you might want to check out our postcards:

Here is our order form:

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