Saturday, January 3, 2015

"Change the channel" - Mom

Yesterday, my sister and I were having a discussion on the famed-among-teens Filipino movie, She's Dating the Gangster.

In fact, we were only having a sabaw conversation on the funny scenes and how we thought it was going to end when our mom barged in on us with her infamous skepticism on the values (or whatever else) brought about by Filipino movies. As children, we grew up watching cartoons and movies only in English, which explains why, other than never being participative in Filipino classes, I never really got the hook on speaking Tagalog until my third year in college.

I've had different friends since grade school up until college who'd invite me to go out and watch movies and I'd have to say no or lie to my parents that I watched "the english movie" instead of "the Filipino one". After watching Filipino movies, I'd feel flushed with guilt because OMG I just watched something baduy or my mom will kill me if she finds out. 

Tonight, however, I found out why my mom never let me watch any of these movies or TV series. Of course you'd expect my mom to find it all baduy, but more importantly, she never let us watch these things because the characters and situations are so relatable, they actually have an impact on our emotional stability. "Ang drama niyo na nga, you'll watch those things pa."

All I could think of right now is that my mom is such a T. MBTI reference. I'm a super F. That says so much about how she could regulate her emotions and set them aside. It's in her nature. I need someone to do that for me, because it's all messed up in this jungle of a mind that I have.

She said we're allowed to watch these things, but we shouldn't ever let it affect us/her HAHAHA!
Oh well, papel.

Have a great day, anyway!