Friday, July 11, 2014

Today's unfortunate event

I couldn't sleep because I could not seem to find a comfortable sleeping position with all these scratches and bruises on my left leg.

As you all know, our house was partially destroyed by typhoon Yolanda last November, so it's not in its best condition until today. Our house is mostly made of wood, and so our floor got warped after the storm. Just recently, one of my siblings broke (what's the term for it?) part of the floor in our room, so there had been a hole for around two weeks now. The maids just temporarily covered it with a folder (wow, smart ugh) because our driver keeps on "forgetting" to fix it.

So, today, I fell through the rabbit hole inside our house. I had to gather strength on both my arms to pull myself up, because the pain temporarily paralyzed my leg. I lay on the floor for at least an hour, sobbing and screaming because no one could move me, and the best that they could do was clean my wound with betadine and apply ice on the bruised areas. I only finally stood up when I had to vomit because of the pain.

Now, here I am, ranting at 1:43 am. Because there is nothing else I could do about it.

I don't know, is it karma? What did I do this time?


  1. Hey, your scratches and bruises aren't punishments for anything you've done. :) :)