Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Baybay Beach appreciation post #124231214450

I invited my very good sprinkle friend, Giselle, to come visit me in my humble abode. What I like most about having guests over is that I get to tour the city of Roxas myself. Usually, the people here just like to stay at home or go to the mall to do a few errands, but we never really go around the city for leisure. When people want to relax and unwind, they just go to the beach, eat there, or have coffee. When we have visitors, it is also an opportunity for us to go around the city and enjoy the culture.

Here are a few beach photos I took during Giselle's stay here with us. I love it when visitors tell us how lucky we are that we live just by the beach, and that we could just go there anytime to clear our thoughts, relax, or have fun. I love it because it reminds me how truly blessed we are indeed. While having merienda, my nine-year-old sister asked Giselle, "why do you keep staring at the water?" and I thought to myself, "that's okay, Ju. When I was your age, I always wondered why people from the city wanted to live here. You will one day understand, especially when you start living away from home."

Here is a photo of me and my siblings. My mom first asked us to fall in line by height and everyone laughed at me because I am taller than only two of my siblings now, who happen to be 12 and 9 years old. 

This was the sunset during Giselle's first day in Roxas. I forgot to bring my camera, so I just took this using my phone. Absolutely no edits! It's really crazy how I am always searching for beautiful places, beautiful sights to see, but I always take my home for granted. Sunsets used to mean nothing but a part of nature's daily routine, as the sky washed herself off from the day's glory rays and tucked herself into her cozy starry blanket. 

Now, I completely understand. I understand why people love our place. I understand why they don't want to leave. 

I understand. 

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