Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Condo Life

Today is the day I finally move into my condo in Katipunan. I would like to thank my brother, Anton, for helping me transport the bulk of my things from the dorm. Thanks, manong! 

It's my first time to have a place all to myself, and I'm pretty much excited because I feel like this is it. Real life and growing up, I mean. At home, I sleep in a room with my siblings, or sometimes even my parents, and I've been staying in the dorm from my first year in high school up until my third year in college. Well, this is it. A room all to myself. Freedom to do anything! I can't wait to start living here this August. 

I also have two desks - one where all my gadgets are, to be used for school work and casual surfing, and another for all my arts and crafts. I just thought I had special corners in my room for certain stuff to help me pull myself together. Obviously, I like the second one more. :)

Here are a few photos from the condo, and my favorite desk. 

A few months back, I bought chalk pens but I never really got to use them. Thankfully, I have two body mirrors here, so there is so much space for creativity. 

I also started a polaroid wall. Hopefully, it gets filled up before I graduate college. 

Here is my work in progress. It's only a draft, though. I'm going to make it better, plus I still have to think of what else to put in the other frames. I'm thinking I might just go for minimalist words instead, but I think I'll do that in August already.

Being the extrovert that I am, I never thought I'd be this excited about living alone in a condo. Usually, I want people around me all the time, and it drives me up the walls when I get left behind in the dorm for more than two days. 

P.S. Housewarming in August! ;)

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