Tuesday, May 20, 2014

End-of-May Wishlist

1. Sakura Souffle 3D Ink Pens
I was browsing through Artmedia Trading on Facebook, when I saw this photo. Unbelievably, one pen only costs Php 38.00! If you buy a set of 10 colors, it costs Php 370.00. Not bad at all! You can use them to write on glass, plastic, paper, and a lot more surfaces and they do not smear. From what I've heard they always run out of stock, though. Hopefully, I get to lay my hands on a set before I go home for my extended summer. 


2. Copic Deleter
When I was in elementary, I started doing calligraphy, but I stopped because I thought it was too nerdy and uncool (gosh, what the f was wrong with me?!). Recently, I've been obsessing over lettering once more, and I really have to get myself one of these badass babies.


3. Copic Multiliner
Similar to the one above, but I also want this one. Ah, my undying love for pens. 


4. MAC's Limited Edition Maleficent Lipstick
Do I even need to state why this is in my wishlist? Look at that beauty! Okay, 50% packaging, 25% color, 25% because it's MAC. Haha! I love red lipstick so much!

5. A Pandora bracelet
My parents will never buy me one. Ever. I never tried asking, and I never will. Hopefully, when I get rich someday.

6. An organized, yet still arsty-fartsy room
I'm finally moving out of the dormitory at the end of the week and into my condo. I can't believe I am finally going to have a place of my own! Nikki will be staying with me, though, but that's not until August. I've been googling images of room ideas, and I want the room to be chic. Also, Nikki and I kind of agreed that our color accent would be pink, to be fair for the both of us. I like hot pink, and she likes pink, pink. 

7. Her outfit
I don't like the necklace that much, but I would totally steal her entire outfit. Even her hair color, I would.

8. More printed shorts
Recently, I discovered that I don't have to spend that much money on clothes if I learned how to mix and match. I bought three different colors of the same tank top from Cotton On, so I promised I'd invest on cute bottoms starting this summer. Hey, it's summer all year round in the Philippines, so I never have to buy pants. 

9. Knuckle rings
My latest obsession. There are a lot in F21, but I hope to find cheaper ones somewhere else.

10. Pink roses
My new favorite flowers.

That's about it. :)

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