Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Valentine's Day 2014

Wake up. Survive. 

Those were my two main goals last Valentine's Day. Not to sound bitter or anything, but it honestly gets pretty sad and pathetic that, for 20 years of living, I have never received anything legit for Valentine's Day. In fact, its patheticness has come to a point where waking up to nothing has become a disappointment despite the lack of expectation. However, to my surprise, Valentine's Day 2014 was the best I've ever had.

Days before Valentine's Day, S.H.A.G. (Society of Hawt Arki Girls, hehe) planned to wear girly clothes and flower crowns on Valentine's Day. We also had a "Kris Kringle" for that day, so we all had something to actually receive to calm the bitter wrath of single awareness. 

On the morning of that day, some of the guys in our batch were wearing polos to class. Sir Lico even asked Noaj why he was wearing a polo, and he said it was for their report in Arch 23. I actually fell for it. After Arch 18, we all walked back to building 1. I only noticed that the boys were not there when they all started marching towards the stage, this time everyone was dressed in polo shirts and some of them were carrying musical instruments. They started singing, and the girls were just there in front of them, singing along. In the middle of the song, Jertz went down the stage and gave Kazia a corsage. We were all screaming because of ~kilig~. All the girls got corsages that day. They were made of paper - including the straps! Apparently, Lance, Renzo, and Daks didn't sleep the night before making the paper corsages. We were all caught off guard. 

FHAG doing the SHAG pose and SHAG doing the FHAG pose

So much love for this batch, really. :')

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