Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Random photos from my Downloads folder

How come I always miss out on the random part when being asked to describe myself? 
I. am. so. WEIRD. Weird is good. Mmmmmm "deliciososo!" (Julia Morente, 2011)

Got this picture from my Tita's timeline cover on Facebook. Interesting.

Andy Warhol

Uploaded this on 9gag the other day.

Me and my loves being casual.

Was supposed to change my banner to this but it wouldn't fit. </3

The schedule I made for a friend

Posted this on Facebook and Twitter for people who kept on tweeting "May the Fourth be with you" without knowing a shit about what it really meant.

What I want for my birthday! *cough cough nudge*

CUTE. Just...cute.

Had to look for "Hakuna Matata" images to print for Kristi. You want to know what's written under her name in our yearbook? Take a guess.

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