Thursday, June 7, 2012

Five ways to win my heart

Hi, I'm doing a 30-day challenge because I don't know what to blog about anymore. Anyway, don't get shocked when you see me posting more than a blog a day regarding this matter. You know me. ;)

For Day 1, I should talk about five ways to win my heart. It's so awkward for me to talk about this, but it's a challenge, so okay then. Wow, I think I have to reflect on this before I start answering. *long pause*

  1. Do not be/act awkward around me. I already am awkward alone, so don't add to that. Awkward moments, for me, are worse than embarrassing ones. 
  2. Be a gentleman. I don't have to explain this.
  3. Be the one to strike up conversations first. Always. Like I said, I'm sort of awkward and I don't really talk to people first unless they're my close friends. I have this weird introverted side of me...
  4. Do not try too hard. I don't like it when a guy shows off for attention, or when a guy goes out of his league and wear someone else's shoes just to win a girl's heart. Be yourselves, deluded morons. 
  5. Share common interests(?) I don't know how to put it. I know this isn't something someone can "do", but I think I like guys who share the same interests as I do. I mean, I don't like anyone right now (except for Jeremy Sumpter, perhaps) but what if I meet someone who can paint, plays badminton and is a fan of Star Wars...or something like that? *ovaries explode*
Hehehe, awkward post is awkward!
Forever alone girl feels more alone!

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