Sunday, June 3, 2012

Back to school shopping spree!

I went to the mall with Gab and Mom this afternoon to buy the things I needed for school/the dorm, but since I couldn't recall needing anything necessary, I went for a 360. HAH! Mathematically speaking, though, the expression "going 360" is wrong because you'll end up where you started in the first place, so it's supposed to be just 180 (where is the degree symbol) if you're talking about opposites. I had this argument with Sr. Agnes in Senior year and my classmates just got pissed of because they believed my argument was pointless and off topic. But hey, was I wrong? No. 

Going back to the original topic, I went shopping for back-to-school clothes instead. I was planning to do this in Manila already but considering the fact that I didn't have the guts to ask my parents for more money and my mom offering me a scratch on her sparkly credit card, I couldn't say no. And so I didn't.

You might be wondering why this post is so important or why I'm even talking about the clothes I shopped for. Reason number one: I am not a fashion blogger. Reason number 2: Everyone knows I don't intend to be one. My point exactly, is that I'm blogging about this because I bought three dresses, 3 printed leggings, and a top, all for just - hold your breath - Php 1,750. That's barely 2 blouses from Forever21!

I bought this dress because it reminded me of Serena, which is weird, because I don't even like her anymore.

I just liked the zipper at the back. Hahaha.

I am hardly ever given money to shop, and when I am, it's only enough for a top or 2, max. Today, Mom allowed me to get seven freaking pieces of clothing. It may be normal for you, but it's a very rare special occasion for me. I'm not going to shop for clothes for the whole first semester. I am too happy and contented to do any more shopping. 

My last day in Roxas was pretty well spent. ;)

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