Wednesday, April 18, 2012


Definition of WEIRD

: of, relating to, or caused by witchcraft or the supernatural :magical
: of strange or extraordinary character : oddfantastic
— weird·ly adverb
— weird·ness noun

Let's stick to its second definition for the mean time, because I am about to share to you occurrences, characteristics, behaviors, and things people find weird about me. I got this idea because someone asked me a question in Formspring, "What are the things people find weird about you?"
Here's what I answered:

- I ONLY eat three fruits - (fuji) apples, ripe mangoes, and peaches in syrup. Yes, it has to be that specific. 
- I never touch food I don't eat. Yes, I've never touched a grape in my life and I don't know if it's soft or hard!!
- I'm very picky when it comes to food but I'm fat.
- I don't like football.
- I am contented with just seeing my crush around (and not being friends or anything more with him). Hahaha.
- Last summer, I screamed loud enough for all my siblings to gather around me and ask what happened. I said I tried moving the pineapples that were blocking the cabinet because I wanted to get food and I screamed because I didn't know they were heavy and they feel really weird.
- My blockmates find it weird when I wear pants because they always see me in shorts...that's why I bought 3 pairs of pants last February and I am going to try to wear pants most of the time.
- I REALLY REALLY REALLY HATE BANANAS, but I eat banana cake and bananacue. 
- I'm a Psych major but I hate Psych.
- I don't get inspired by Sir Eric Manalastas.
- We used to have "pet" turkeys and chicken running around the house (before they got cooked or stolen)...and I live by the beach.
- I live by the beach but I'm not dark.
- I'm Filipino but I can't speak Tagalog. I swear to God it was my first time (ever) to converse in Tagalog (not scripted) when I entered UP. HEY, I'm Bisaya okay! We don't walk around speaking in Tagalog and as a kid I never watched Tagalog shit on TV. And I never recite during Filipino class. Plus, my mom's family hates Tagalog.
- I didn't know how to use po and opo properly...hahaha.
- I didn't get why this girl called me "ate" when she was obviously older than me. 
- I get more pimples in the province than I do in MNL.

I know these are just a few things people find weird about me, but to be honest, I don't even think it's half the things people find weird about The Carina Morente. I'm sure there are a lot of weird things about you, too. Well, be proud of it because weird is good! *wink, wink*

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