Monday, April 16, 2012

I remember I used to ask my mom why I don't know my relatives from her side of the family. I mean, I know my second cousins from her mom's side, but the rest - none. At all. Well, last night I met some of them (finally)! Everyone was happy because we all had cousins our ages, and even Julia had cousins to play least five of them! 

Here's a picture of them. Let me get the names right this time: Aryanna, Pauline, Carmela, Christina, Quadro, Santiago, Manolo, and Lucy. Don't mind Jo and Luis. =))

Here's Julia with Monika. I swear to God when they're not smiling, they have the same mouth AND blank facial expression.

Here's Monika's twin Isabel with whatshisnameagain. :)

And here's everyone having a grand time...

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