Friday, March 30, 2012

Just another random badminton post

My old badminton shoes were already torn at the sides because they've been active with me for a good three years. When my Dad came over last Februrary, the first thing we shopped for was a pair of badminton shoes. We went to Glorietta 4 (because my dad's lazy to go anywhere else) in search of the perfect new pair. There weren't much shops there, though. I was rooting for Yonex because I'm a big fan of it, but the ones there didn't really please my taste. I can't really remember which shop we ended in, but I landed on this pair of Mizunos. I love them because they're super soft and comfy even during the first time I wore them.

Last Tuesday, I felt really bad because it was the start of my official forever-aloneness at the dorm. I got really bored and decided to go shopping at Trinoma after such a bad day. I went around different shops because I was hoping I could buy summer clothes, but I ended up buying 4 items from Juego. I bought two jerseys, one skort, and one overgrip.

I literally fell in love with this jersey at first glance. It was really expensive but I knew I'd walk out of the store with a heavy heart if I didn't buy it that day. It's beautiful! *insert heart here*

I also liked this one. It was on sale and I got it for Php 790 only! It looked really nice on me so I had to buy it. At first I was thinking of buying just one top, but I ended up purchasing both, anyway.

I spent around Php 3000 in that store and I didn't regret anything. Day made.

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