Sunday, January 1, 2012

Hello, 2012!

Now, if you're wondering why I posted on Facebook pictures of us in Coke costumes on New Year's Eve and not on Halloween, it's because this is how we celebrate NYE in Villa Patria. It's been our family tradition since time could ever tell. It is held at the ancestral house where the Altavas-Morentes grew up, which we call the "Big House". Everyone comes home just to be with the family and celebrate this event. Usually, it's a contest for best costume as a family. Then the following day, we have lunch together and play bingo (well, sometimes). This year, it was only just a few of us, but I'm happy it still pushed through. I'm happy to be  in this family. I mean, who else does this on NYE anyway? None that I know of, anyway.

So this year, we dressed up as Coke cans. Each of us even had a unique name. I was CocaiCola, Dad was CocaCabe, Mom was CocaPia, Juancho was CocjuanChola, Jo was Coca Jola, Ponch was CocponChola, Gab was CocaGab, Luis was CocaWish, and Julia was CocaJuju. Tita Maeds also joined our family and she was doCocaLoca. This was my mom's idea.

My make-up makes my eyes look too big in pictures. =)) Oh well. I'm a night
owl anyway.

CocaJuju and CocaWish
If you're wondering why it's CocaWish, Wishi is Luis' nickname.

My family with Bito (Lolo Doy) and Lola Neng, his sister.
We celebrate it in her house.

Dad bought a sky lantern.

Before 12 o'clock, we gather around and each head of the family holds up a bottle of champagne and pops the cork
at exactly 12 am and everyone sings the Auld Lang Syne and greets each other a happy new year

Daddy holding up our family's bottle of champagne

Looking at the clock

Tito Ton

Lola Neng

Tito Jorge's family

Meimei with the party popper

We were just a few this year, but it wasn't less fun.

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