Saturday, December 31, 2011

Notebooks! Notebooks!

I love notebooks. I have all sorts of notebooks - diaries, jounals, notepads, doodlebooks and whatnot. This post was inspired by Notebook Stories, a blog I discovered through Abby de Guzman's tweet.

Here are some of the notebooks I have here at home.

These three notebooks contain my affects, cognitions (Psych 101, baby!), ruminations, inspirations, dreams, and everything else in between.

Here are a few pages from my notebooks:

This one is my favorite. I used our Angel Kiss lip/cheek tints from Etude House and my turquoise nail polish.

China likes doodling in my notebooks.

I tried writing with my gradeschool handwriting. It still looks a little sharp.

Random post-its China stuck in my notebook.

You see a doodle of this sort, you know it's Arianna's.

We all loved the Little Prince, didn't we?

Marj also likes borrowing my notebooks and doodling in them.

This is Hapi's doodle. Hapi is one of our class clowns. :))

This was my doodle during CAF class in reply to Hapi's message.

Mahonia's doodle/drawing

Kristi's doodle.

No, I am not emo. Hahaha.

Another doodle by China.

My fail attempt at writing in Japanese.

Hannah wrote this when we were in 3rd grade. I was supposed to transfer schools the next year, but I stayed.

Doodles with Marj when we were in third year

This time, with Mahonia.

 China's doodles. Again.

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