Wednesday, December 14, 2011

TGIF Party

So tonight, we had our TGIF party at the dorm. So what does TGIF stand for? Thank God it's Friday? But it's not Friday! Yeah, that's the challenge. Thank God I'm FAT - Fantastic, Awesome and Talented! Hahahaha! You don't get it, do you? Well, that's okay. Neither do I. I'm not kidding, though. It really is called TGIF Party. *gives a sympathetic pat on your shoulder*

I have more pictures here.

I was a bit early for the party.

We were supposed to smize, but there were...technical difficulties. =))

With Page

I got a gift for sharing my "special" TGIF meaning.

I don't eat fruits, therefore I am entitled to more chocolate and marshmallows.

I like this picture. Haha!

Kris and Joe during the corn-eating contest


Anton and Trixie


  1. slr <3

    and ps: on my "mini shopaholic" book

    amo lang to sya nga book nakita ko sa bookstore and 1st time ko ni basahon, i didn't know may other books pagid gle!!!! grrrrrr >:O

  2. oh really? awesome! hahaha subong lang ko bi nag start basa! btw i <3 your pictures! thayr sow kyewt!

  3. i love the photos :) cool blog. - ate riz