Friday, December 23, 2011


I'm trying to cherish every single day I spend at home, because before I know it, I'll be back in QC again. I just love the beach so much and I feel really blessed to have it right behind my house. 

This is at the back of our house. Our pond dried up two summers ago, I think. We used to keep a lot of fish there. We even had a turtle when I was a kid, but it escaped.

This island is Mantalinga. It is owned by our Altavas family. My dad and his cousins used to swim to Mantalinga when they were younger. I should have taken photos of Olotayan, too! It's another island northeast to Roxas City. We used to go boating before, I miss it. :(

I spent the afternoon with my cousin JM today, and we had a walk around Villa Patria. I love Villa Patria. We have a chapel, a hotel, a basketball court, a pizza parlor - what more could you ask for? In four years, who knows where I'll be living already?


  1. WOW this post makes me wanna go to your house! Haha it looks and sounds so awesome over there :)

  2. *hits like* It is!! I always took it for granted when I was younger. Now, I understand why a lot of people want to live here!