Monday, December 26, 2011

I would like to thank everybody who remembered me this Christmas. Here are the gifts I received from my family. I love my gifts! *insert hearts here*

I really love what Tita Chari gave me.


Laptop sleeve from Tita Titin

Notepad and pen from Tita Cor

Because it snows in the Philippines, my sister bought me this. HAHAHA kidding, Jo! Thanks!

My mom really knows what I need. Can't wait to make more dream catchers!

Organizer from Tita Babang

Doodle books from my parents

This is from my sister. I don't want to open it yet because the back's full of tape and I don't want to tear the card.

Gonna buy Doc Martens! Thank you Lola Ning, Bito, Ninang, Tito Jack, etc!

Say hello to my new baby! Thank you Mom and Dad!

I'm super happy right now. I don't even know how I'm bringing everything to Manila (because I never pack light), but I really don't want to leave anything here. 


  1. Where did you buy the feathers?

  2. Secret! Kidding. Ask my mom, she bought it.

  3. Can you ask your mom for me?