Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Baller craze

I remember when ballers used to be the craze two years ago. I used to wear around 5 (or more) on each hand, don't hate! I will update this blog as soon as I find a picture to prove it. I used to have tons of ballers before. Here's what's left:

I don't know where the others went, especially my Assumption ballers. Most of my nice ballers I gave away, and I still have ballers in Manila, but I don't wear them anymore because I got allergies.

Here are some of my ballers at home.

What I'm doing right now, I'm chasing perfection.

KIX baller from Liam

Meimei gave me this last year. Or two years ago?

I like this!

When it used to be my dream school...

From my brother when he used to work there

From Pat Espinosa

From Kristi when we were in second year high school

I'm a Barbie girl...not.

I ordered this online for a cause. I blogged about this before, go look for it.

I wonder how many ballers I've given out my whole life. Almost a hundred, maybe? #truestorybro

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