Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Day 3 at Home

I don't care if you think I try too hard...because at least I do try and you don't. 
Oh well, there goes my dignity. 

Day three at home has been one productive day for me. I had an impromptu photoshoot (well, not really, but I just wanted new pictures) with my sister, Jo, at the garage and in front of our house. I went driving around Villa Patria with Julia, and went to the mall (yes, Gaisano is a mall) and had pizza at Yellow Box with Jo, Micha, and Hannah.

My little brother borrowed my camera and took pictures of random things.  He was so proud of this shot. Cutie!

The "Domz pose" :))

On the way home, we rode the Gasul truck. Hannah tweeted she now knows how it feels like to be Gasul! Hahahaha!

So guys, how'd you like the ride home?

Had pizza again for the fourth time since I arrived. Or fifth, I think.

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