Monday, December 19, 2011

100% pure beef

Some anonymous reader told me to blog on my ethnicity. Hahahahahahahaha! Hi, dear reader.

A lot of people would ask me what my nationality is, or sometimes they would put it as "What's your half?" or "What's your dad?" or even "What's your blood?" Dude, I'm full human, my dad's a person, and my blood is red, too.

I don't get it. I don't look foreign at all. I'm short, my nose isn't that tall, and I'm a bit tan. I just have curly brown hair and brown eyes, and that's it.

I am Filipino. Maybe I do have Spanish blood from both sides of the family (don't we all?), Chinese blood from my father's side (it's not obvious, I know!), and Italian blood from my mother's side (which is almost impossible to trace already and no one even talks about it) but I'm absolutely matter-of-factly sure I'm more than 80% Filipino, or 90% even. I just look like this because both my parents have brown hair.

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