Sunday, December 25, 2011

Christmas Eve Dinner

Last night, we had out first Christmas Eve steak dinner. We usually spend Christmas Eve at my lolo's sister's house, but this year it was different. It was just as fun, though!

Juancho started sculpting his mashed potato into a snowman and declared a sculpting contest.

Juancho's work

Eww, Luis!

Someone's enjoying it.

I made a camera. It's so ugly! I don't have artistic talents at all. =))

Mermaid fins (?)

Dad made this for Tita Maeds. Who in the right mind would want to eat that thing?!

Gab's mastershit..piece. Masterpiece.

Alphonso's Banana Split

Mom, Tita Maeds, and Julia

Julia's pizza

Tita Maeds' steak

Merry Christmas, everyone! Love, the Cabe Morentes. *insert heart here*

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