Monday, November 7, 2011

17th birthday

I have the most boring title ever, because I couldn't think of anything better...but here goes!

We had lunch at Teriyaki Boy then then Haagen-Dazs for dessert!

I cropped my fat self out of the photo. Tyler, Carlos, Caitlin, and Martin at Teriyaki Boy

Tita Chari, Bita Chiqui, Tito Miko, Jube, and Bailey

Tita Titin, Nikki, and Tita Cor


Nikki at Seattle's Best!

Hah, I'm so fat :)

My first bowl - Chocolate, Midnight Cookies and Cream, and Dulce de leche!

Here is a close up. Nyahaha! What is gluttony?

Here's my second bowl - Cookies and cream, Coffee, and Belgian Chocolate.

With the fondue set!

With the fondue set...after.


I can still feel my belly about to burst. Best burpday ever! Thank you everyone who greeted me! :)

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