Monday, October 31, 2011

How I deal with stress

Say hello to my desk at the dorm!

I got so obsessed with The Wolves of Mercy Falls series, and one night, the night before my Span 10 oral exam, I started making paper cranes just as Sam did and hung them under my bed.

Tag me obsessed, but that's how I deal with stress. I drown myself in crafts or anything that would keep my hands busy - origami, making bracelets, dream catchers, reading, writing, typing - anything that would stir me away from bad stress.

Here's the dream catcher I made when I got bored (and stressed out at the same time, which, mind you, is one of the most horrible combinations of feelings. Ever.)

And (I know it's grammatically wrong to begin sentences with 'and', but this is a blog, and it's informal. Shut up and stop judging. Go eat a popsicle.) here's the heart bracelet I made, supposedly for Ariana, but I forgot where I placed it. Sorry, kiddo! I'm going to make one for you again next time, I swear! *wink*

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