Friday, July 29, 2011

I haven't blogged for a hundred years now, and I have a billion things to say. This is another impromptu blog. Enjoy!

So, today just marked the end of the seventh week of classes. Seventh! Can you believe it? Well, neither could I. I've been a college student for seven weeks already, but I still don't feel like it. I am still adjusting to UP's system. I'm not even sure if you should already be adjusted by this time or not...but I can't do anything about it. I still get culture shocks. I'm not saying I'm not enjoying UP though, because I am. I really am, actually.

Every afternoon, I get so bored, because my latest dismissal is at 1 pm. Yes, you heard that right, latest. Lalala.

Hi, I'm bored. Let me tell you what happened today. :)

This morning, I woke up after 5 snoozes. It was raining, and I got caught in Ateneo traffic. Of course, I was late for Socio 10. Hahaha. Mom better not be reading this! I didn't have Span 10 after Socio 10 because...that's not important anymore. Anyway, I headed to CHE to check out the bazaar(?) and bought...nothing. I walked to Math and got lost, but I managed to find the building after 108298403 minutes. After I had breakfast there, I realized my envelope wasn't with me. Great. So I had to run and take the jeepney back to AS and I ran to the third floor, praying my envelope was there. Voila! It was there. Thank God!! So I had to walk back to Math again. Yes, what a terrible start for the day, I know. I felt so exhausted and sweaty when I arrived at Math. I wanted this day to end already...until my crush said hi to me when I was about to go up the stairs! HAHAHAHAH aslkhalskhaldhfkjrhgiowehgiwoehgwourghowir Another thing I was super happy about was my result in the math exam!! I got an uno! Woohooooooo! ADJFFSKDLFSKLG Oh happy daaaaaay, oh happy day. ;) After Math, I had Geog 1  which, of course, never fails to make me happy (except for the test though). :) I had a frappuccino with Eka and her friend after class, then met up with Krishna at the AS lobby. We talked about our UP experiences and...just...everything about our college lives. Conversations lapping each other.

Hay, super bitin. I just love today.

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