Saturday, June 11, 2011

The title: Juancho and Carina only! OUR STORYBOOK

(An old envelope with old stories we made when we were 5 & 6) - As Juancho would put it.
So Juancho found this somewhere buried in our house's basura. He was five, and I, six. I could not imagine Julia, our sister who is now six, writing such things, or coming up with ideas even. I have no idea if we were bored when we came up with these, or if that was just how we were. Here's to our childhood days! Enjoy! ;)

Written by:

Juan Florencio P. Morente

and with the help of:

Patria Carina P. Morente



Once upon a time there was a little boy his mother told his son: Son, its time to go to school so he told his mother no because cant you see we are still singing so his mother let him so his mother told him again: Son its time to go to school. So he told his mother can't you see we are still hide and seeking so his mother let him. So his mother was angry so his mother told him to go to school so he went to school and he lived happily ever after.



Once upon a time it is raining outside but Po is inside. But Po is the only one in bita's house. So Po played and played but Po hid under the bed. Po thought that there's a monster under the bed. So, Gab went to bita's house. So Po was playing with Gab and they lived happily ever after.



One day, Po was playing with the bubbles. So, Po blowed BIGGEST one ever so he tried to catch it. But Po went inside the bubble. Po flew in to the outside. And Po landed in the cloud. So Po fell on Carina, Juancho, Gab and Jo. And they got a blanket. So, po fell on the blanket. And they lived happily ever after.



Once upon a time, Gab was sleeping in Bita's house, so Gab had a dream. He dreamed that he turned into a TRICERATOPS and he was running because a T-rex was chasing him. And then, he turned into a boy again. So, he was eaten by the T-rex. And when he woke up, he was shouting: YAYA! YAYA! GIN KAUN AKO SANG dinasour! And yaya thought he was playing. But, when yaya went to the room she saw Gab waking up. And yaya kept laughing and laughing. and they lived happily ever after.



Once upon a time, a king did not know that he had a magic crown. Every night, when the king wishes for something his wishes come true but sometimes his wishes were bad every time he is mad. So, his wish was granted. And he cries because something bad happens. And one day he threw it away and he never made any wishes anymore. And he lived happily ever after.


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