Thursday, June 9, 2011

My UP Experience Today

And just this day. This is an e-mail I sent to my Ninang Patti and Mom.

This is my UP Webmail. I just wanted to try it, so I thought of sending you an
e-mail about what happened today. Here goes, but before that, let me just tell
you that last night, I slept at 1 AM because I plotted out what I was to do
once I arrived UP. I took note of which jeep to ride and where to go down and
walk. So, from My Place I took the jeep at around 11, because I woke up late.
So when I arrived UP, I went down at Vargas Museum, because I had to walk to
the OUR (Office of the University Registrar) because the jeep did not pass
there. When I arrived there, I looked for the cashier where we had to pay P130
for our IDs. It moved pala! I asked one office there, and they told me to go to
PNB, which was behind the shopping center, and I had to take another jeep from
there. When I got down, I got in PNB, and they told me sa other side naman! So
I had to walk again, until finally I arrived at the cashier, and it was raining
pa the whole time. The lines were really, really long, and I had to wait about
an hour and 30 minutes until it was my turn. When it was my turn na nga, I was
ready na with my Form 5 and money, and the cashier told me to pay downstairs!
So I went down, and buti nalang there was no line. I can't believe I had to
line up for NOTHING! What a waste of time. Then I finally payed, I got my
receipt na, and headed back to the OUR because the Photo-ID office was there,
too. It wasn't my appointment yet (because my appointment's supposed to be on
the 20th pa), but it was a good thing na the guy was kind, so he gave me nalang
my ID. It stopped raining na, and I rode the jeep again to the Main Library (but
jeeps don't pass there), so I had to walk again from the Engineering Building,
which was not too far away. When I got there, the lady told me to have my ID
activated on the 14th nalang! Waste of time. Again. So I thought of buying my
ID strap nalang at the Shopping Center. From the Main Lib, I just walked. I
stopped by the UP Computer Center because I had to make this Webmail account
(no one told us during the orientation, but I found out it was required pala!)
The guard there was really nice, and she led me upstairs to another lady who
couldn't stop talking, and made me type my information and everything in a very
old and dusty computer (from the dinosaur era) and I had to repeat typing
everything at least 3 times because the lady kept on pressuring me and she was
just too noisy and distracting and I kept on clicking the right mouse button
(because the mouse was so bulok) which led me somewhere else and everything got
lost and she kept on calling me "hija". Super nonstop talking. I was really nice
to her naman. When I was done she told me to go straight home na. Why? What did
I do? Hahaha. So I walked, and walked, and walked, and I didn't know where I
was going but I was a little familiar with the buildings na because I tried
memorizing the map last night. Then finally, I found the Shopping Center and
bought my ID strap. Then, I realized I lost my umbrella. I have no idea where I
left it. I was too tired to look for it, and someone must have taken it na, so I
went home nalang. When I arrived at the dorm, I had bread with pepperoni and
cheese, mga 3 sandwiches. I didn't have breakfast of lunch yet, because I
thought it wouldn't take long. All the plotting and to-do list were of no use.
Next time, I won't plot anything. If I don't know something, I'll ask nalang.
It's better that way. Hahaha. Then I slept nalang after eating.

WHAT A DAY, and it's just the beginning.

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