Wednesday, March 30, 2011


All hail our beloved Assumption!

So I have finally graduated high school. I have with me my beautiful(!) diploma and my with Honors medal (it's beautiful, too *sobs*). I never really expected receiving an award for academic excellence. I mean, look at me. I hardly even pass assignments, or even CAF quizzes, or Computer projects. Most of the time, I just talk during class and not give the real world a cent. OH MY GOSH. I, Patria Carina Perez Morente, an honor student. It's like in the movie, Princess Diaries, where Mia discovered she was a princess and she was like, "Me? A princess? Shut...up!" That had to be my scene as well.

Enough of bragging rights. After the ceremony, we marched out the chapel, and that was when the atmosphere was getting heavy. China was in tears, walking beside me, and so was I, but we were also laughing at the same time (we do admit we're crazy). When the four of us (China, Mahonia, Marj and I) started hugging each other, it felt like (sorry for being all cliche, but...) there was no tomorrow. I cried my heart out, and I cried aloud. Here's what it was like out there:

Until today, I could feel how heavy our graduation was. Though I don't want to be sad anymore. I should be happy being an Old Girl now. I will continue to Stand Firm in the Faith all throughout my life!

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