Sunday, January 23, 2011

Okay, I'm bored. Okay, why do I always start my sentences with 'Okay'? I annoy myself sometimes, and I get pretty much annoyed, too. Say whuut? I'm always happy, and in the middle of it, I get sad. Mad. Upset. Why? sdasdasfasdasfasfsdkhfskh I type letters that spell nonsense. I ddoouubbllee letters, too. I USE CAPS LOCK. I dont use punctuations at times I always change my backgrounds and pictures, my cellphone wallpaper, theme, message tone, ring tone. I eat a lot and complain I'm fat. I go online and rant on how bored I am. I want colors in order, but my things are never in order. I cry then I laugh. A lot of people tell me I'm weird.

Hi, my name is Carina Morente. I'm awesome that way.

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