Sunday, January 30, 2011

Countdown: 55 days

Fifty-five days before the saddest thing high school has in store for us (next to getting kicked out, that is) - yes, you guessed it - Graduation! I have said this before, and I'm saying it again: My biggest regret in high school is I just let all moments happen, without keeping track of them. My memory isn't that good, so moments just snap out of my memory lane. Therefore, for the rest of my high school life (which isn't that long anymore), I'm blogging about what happens everyday, be it good or bad. Though I'm sure it would be good. :)

So today's a Sunday. I'm spending my Sunday afternoon at Book Latte with Marj and China. I think it's going to be perfect. Coffee + donuts + books + just sitting around going nowhere = perfect. Just... perfect. :) I do hope Kristi could come, too!

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