Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Report Card

This has nothing to do with the title.

I am living in the state of nirvana. Heaven on earth.
Gaaaaah. I love my life.

Our Immersion-Retreat was beautiful, just like me. Joke. But it was really beautiful. Now I know why classmates are like this or that, but I've accepted them for who they are long before the immersion. Yeee, pero tuod na. Dako ulo! =))

What also made me happy is that we were reconciled with one another, speaking for everyone in general. We are a step closer, if not united as a class. Year IV awesoMME is the best! I SWEAR.

I now appreciate the little things in life. This morning, I was the first one to enter the classroom. As I opened the windows, I felt the cold morning air embrace my err.. morning face. HAHAHA. I have never felt so awake at quarter to 7 in the morning.

I can't believe I've been wasting minutes, hours, days, weeks backbiting people. It's a good thing I haven't backstabbed anyone since..third year? See how I've changed? :D Okay, fine. You have your own opinions. Blaaaaah. But really, I know I have changed. Say whatever you want to, I understand. Really, I do.

I'm being biased, but I want to thank those whose palancas have touched my heart (and made me cry, of course): Kara, Chinnie, Kristi, Sharky, Marj. Thank you. :(

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