Tuesday, September 7, 2010


“Drive! Drop! Smash! Forehand! Backhand! High Clear!” my coach would often bark. “Again!” he would add. The mere utterance of these words often drove me nuts. I used to wonder if he viewed me as a robot or some immortal being who never gets exhausted. I would often rage in exasperation because he would push me beyond my confines.
That was before I realized that these words meant more to life than just imperative sentences yelled during training sessions. I have been playing badminton for six years now and just yet have I sought its deeper implication.
This year, I realized that my life is like a game of badminton.
Sometimes I win; sometimes I lose. At times, I only win one set so third sets have to take place. In life, whether I win or I lose, I bring honor to myself. It’s that I give my best that counts. Sometimes I get offensive; sometimes I get defensive. This signifies that in life, I am obliged not only to receive, but also to give. Sometimes my score takes lead; sometimes they just catch up. In life, it’s not I who is always on top, there will always be competition. Sometimes I give opponents smashes to earn myself points; at times they just know how to demonstrate defense against me. In life, I should always uphold the value of humility no matter what.
So the next time I go training and put these words to practice, I know the same goes for life.

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