Friday, July 30, 2010

Blue Guards

You know them - Manong Art, Manong Diego, Manong Shades. They left this afternoon. I cried, I swear I did. A former dormer, these guards were my friends. If you are a dormer, you know what I mean.

Tonight I am blogging to release the tension. I AM UPSET. Our school's a b*tch, sorry. I know why the guards are leaving, and I'm sure of the nitty gritty! They were forced to retire after 24 years of service in Assumption. Their monthly salary is P10,000 already because they have been in duty for so long. Because of this, AC realized they needed to save money. GOD, AC'S F*CKING RICH ALREADY. THIS IS THE MOST SELF-CENTERED DECISION I HAVE EVER KNOWN. HEARTLESS, I TELL YOU! Manong Art even has a daughter in 2nd grade and she has to transfer to another school next year. He begged sister to let her stay in AC until grade 6 but his plead was neglected. I feel sorry for the blue guards, really.

Aren't we taught values in school? Tsssh. This is a call for SOCIAL ACTION! Fourth year!



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