Friday, April 24, 2009

Isopropyl Alcohol

I've got mosquito and ant bites everywhere! I've been rubbing rubbing alcohol on them since last night! Darrrrrrrn.

Okay, since I haven't blogged for a long time, a lot of things have been happening (obviously).

1. I did not attend recognition. HAHA. Hannah A., thank you for getting my report card and honor card for me!
2. Cassie visited Roxas City. When we were in a mall incomparable to those of her hometown's, we were being stalked by wannabes. Get 4th degree burns in hell, fried bums!
3. I watched this stupid Filipino horror movie, Sundo, with my cousins. Mom got mad. HAHAHA!
4. I have been playing badminton in playgium. Before training started, that is.
5. I rode the pick-up with my cousins for Visita Iglesia, not in our Hi-Ace. HAHAHA!
6. I wore Kara's artwork shirt for the procession.
7. Training started on April 13. Those who joined were very few, and most were old members. Training was the same old training. But I miss those days.
8. My whole family flew to Manila, leaving Jo and I behind. HEAVEN!
9. I have been eating in RML for lunch with Hannah B. and Jep. And my parents don't know. HAHAHA!
10. I rode the tricycle alone - for the first time (WEEEE!)... and mom got mad.
11. Someone is stalking me! Joke.
12. I can't recall a day when I didn't have load.
13. I register to 258 EVERYDAY.
14. I tried summing up the total amount of load I've used up while I was looking at the calendar and it freaked me out.
15. Hannah Buncalan gave me this baller.
16. Ga gwa pagka traidora namon ni Hannah B.
17. I have been banned to use the laptop. But then, what's there to do when there's no training?
18. I met up with Kara yesterday and finally gave back her Artwork shirt!
19. Kara gave me this beautiful bag. It's white with black straps (?) and silver little hearts printed all over. I immediately used it in the mall. And had to go to National Bookstore to cut the tag!
20. Yesterday, I wished Kara brought Gero with her. HAHAHA!
22. I'm here in front of this laptop again today since we don't have training. I mentioned this earlier, right? XD

Okay. So, that's about it.

I posted my blog URL in Friendster, so I couldn't backstab anyone in this blog anymore! AWWWW.

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