Tuesday, February 3, 2009

The other way around



Deeana, Rubiene, and Ycay were desperately waiting for me and Micha at Biscocho. The 2 others *ehem* were rude enough... so left us. HELL I CARE! I don`t give a damn. They were with their bofriends anyway. BOFRIENDS. Eww. Well, whatever. At least the 3 were patient enough to wait for us. It took a while because we (micha and I) rode the wrong jeep that led us astray. HAHAHA.

Here's a list of the different kinds of transportations and the number of times we/I rode (FOR ONLY ONE DAY):

1 Car
1 Ceres
5 Taxis
2 jeeps (and I/we got lost twice)
1 tricycles
2 Sikads
1 stupid ferris wheel (and according to Ycay it was bitin. HAHA)
1 caterpillar (it was boring so I started screaming ******)



We first went to Deeana's friend's house.
Then to Sbarro.
Then to Jaro.
Then got lost.
Then Micha and I finally arrived safely (thank God) in school.


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