Saturday, January 3, 2009

We scream for ice cream!

All of a sudden, I kinda missed the past. My childhood days. Those days when I get to throw tantrums and get slapmarks on my bottom. I`ve seen this picture so many times already but now, I just realized I want the past back. Those days, I remember. I cherish. I love. It`s far way different from what`s on right now. We used to laugh, play, laugh some more, eat buckets of candy, laugh again. The point is we never really had problems back then. Well, I never had. I was a happy kid. I craved for ice cream and carrot cakes. I had classmates who were b*tches (but I never called them b*tches before, since I knew b*tch was a bad word) I just hate them. I didn`t know how to backstab back then. They too, didn`t know. When we fight, we say sorry the next minute, and everything`s back to normal. Forgiving and forgetting was easy. I`m a teenager now, and everything`s different. We forgive, but why is it so hard to forget? Why is backstabbing considered a hobby? Of course, I backstab people. But this, I have to stop. We have to stop. My friend`s blog was about the golden rule: "Do unto others what you want others to do unto you". She backstabbed me at the bottom part of that blog. To tell you the truth, I have never-ever-ever backstabbed her. NEVER. Reading all those words, I realized that I have to stop backstabbing other people. I realized how painful it was. Maybe the golden rule doesn`t point exaclty 2 people (`cos that`s what I used to think). You backstab this person, but it doesn`t mean that this exact person is going to backstab you. It could be somebody else. All of my problems now are about these things. But if I stop, I guess I`d be bringing the past to the present. Wouldn`t that make life better?

I hope you learned something so you wouldn`t end up like me. :)

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