Saturday, January 10, 2009

Define busy.

I`d be very busy this weekend.
And fourth Quarter. @-) :|

I woke up really late today and missed a lot of things. :|

I need to know how many fish I should bring on sunday.
I need to borrow mom's laptop.
I need the camera.
I need to catch fish from our pond.
I need a new phone. (My phone`s broken. BOO HOO.) :|
I need to know what kind of fish I`m supposed to bring.
I need to say thank you to ____________________.
I need to figure out a way on how to carry these fish (and laptop and all my other junk) on Sunday on the ceres.
I need to spend my remaining load 'cos it's gonna expire tomorrow. :|
I need a math notebook.
I need to pay more attention to little things.
I need to stop now.

Okay. :|

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