Wednesday, July 17, 2013

What I should have done in high school

I have to admit, I have really bad study habits. That is if I even have study habits at all. Okay, here's the thing: I don't. I survived high school without really studying, but college is a different story. You just can't go slacking all the time. Profs don't spoonfeed. You have to help yourself. 

This is my way of helping myself. Since I don't have the motivation to study, I asked my mom if I could buy a Physics book so I would actually be forced to study. We don't have books in UP, so it isn't a requirement to have one, but I need to change my academic lifestyle (nuks) before it's too late. Here's the best part: I bought a really cute wrapper so I'd be motivated to have it on my desk and actually take time to read and study. This is what I should have done in high school.

So I suggest you guys try it too. :)) Cute books FTW! 

Also, cute pens! ;) 

That's all!

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