Thursday, July 4, 2013

Weekend Getaway #12312413

 Three weekends ago, Tita Trisha (Hannah's tita) treated us to Ace Waterspa + an overnight stay at the hotel. She's awesome! Wuhooo! Here are some pictures from a very "eventful" stay. Haha!

Rina's masterpiece - a "face". 

"Rina picture ta kun abi sweet ta." LOL

When they announced that the buffet was closing in 10 minutes, we all panicked over dessert.

Hannah, Me, Rina, Banjo, and Anton

Yup, panic eating for the five of us. 

I don't have pictures of the water spa because I didn't want to bring my phone/camera with me. I'm not even sure if it's allowed. I enjoyed the lazy river the most, but I didn't like the spa so much because I'm ticklish. 

That's all. Haha.

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