Monday, April 8, 2013

Dr. Martens

Sorry I've been quite a lazy blogger in my previous posts. It wasn't summer yet, and there were too many things going on, and I've been PMS-ing (haha, TMI, Cai. TMI!) for a while now. And yes, that was an overrun sentence and this sentence sucks because I started with the word 'and'. But it's my blog and I can say whatever hell I want to say (I started with 'but'! What is up with me?). 

Anyway, I've been currently obsessing over Doc Martens. I don't think 'currently' is the appropriate term, because I've been obsessing over Docs since high school. Thing is, I bought a new pair of boots just last week. They aren't Dr. Martens, exactly. I just bought these lovely babies from SM Department store for only P799! What a steal! They're even softer and more comfortable than the original Docs, which aren't even soft in the first place.

I've had this pair since fourth year high school (2010). It was my mom's gift to me for Christmas. I didn't like black that much before (thus the lack of black clothing during my high school era) so I wanted a pair of white ones. I personally think the white ones are harder to pair with clothes compared to the black ones, but I love both just as much. 

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