Sunday, November 11, 2012

Birthday surprise (late post)

Sorry this is a late post. My birthday was four days ago, but I never really had much time to blog about it. Anyway, here's what happened:

The morning of my birthday, I went to school to go class-hunting. I was still lacking at least 5 units, which meant I had to look for 2 more GEs. I wasn't able to get any, so I decided to go back to Katipunan for lunch and ate at Teriyaki Boy. While I was waiting for Hannah, I was with Abby and Page. Abby left early so it was just me and Page when Hannah finally arrived a little longer than expected. 

She came in, hugged and greeted me, and then handcuffed me for "everything I did wrong in my life". People were already looking at us because we just couldn't stop laughing. Page had to be the one to open my bag and ask for the bill and pay because my hands were quite useless that time. They dragged me from Teriyaki Boy to the dorm, handcuffed. I swear, people from all angles were looking at me like I was crazy (well, I am, technically, but that's not the point). When we reached Sandbox, I kept on screaming because Rina and Micha were there and then Hannah handed me a bouquet of pretty blue roses. I couldn't stop screaming. I saw lit candles behind Micha and Rina but I couldn't see the cake. When they moved out of the way, I burst into laughter when I saw three cupcakes and the middle one had a barrelman on it. It had wax on its - uhh - and the candle was on its head. I was laughing so hard that my laughs became shrieks. 

Here's the "cake".

I have always longed for blue roses, and it touches me how my friends pay attention to the smallest rants I make about the littlest things.

Thank you so much, Hannah, Micha, and Rina.
You guys are idiots, but you're my idiots. I love you guys so much!

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