Monday, June 4, 2012

Simple DIY Corkboard

Classes are fast approaching and we all need to pull ourselves together again after a summer of couch potato-ing, dusty planners and nonexistent to-do lists. If classes have already started for you, it's not too late to make your own corkboard. 

It's really easy and it wouldn't even take 30 minutes to make one. Just follow these steps:

Rule number 0 = Use your head (I don't have to explain every step) + wash your hands (Why are you giving me that stare? You always have to work neatly. Who knows what you last touched...especially if you're a guy) + Be resourceful (do not force your parents to buy you materials especially the flah flah ones I'm sure you have lots of junk at home. Make use of your basura. Creativity springs from resourcefulness. Trust me, I'm the junk princess and my mom is the queen and my tita Rissa is the retired queen but she still is one, nonetheless. My mom lied to me when I asked her if we had paint at home, she said no, and when she asked the maid to bring the paint out I got all whiny and she said lying makes me resourceful is that even real idk but it's worth sharing ha ha ha but I missed out on the first addend - use your head - so I wasn't able to come up with a substitute for paint unlike Mr. Bean who used condiments and flies attacked his work after but at least he found something see guys see Mr. Bean was being resourceful he is so creative). OMG so I really do talk a lot. I thought people were only exaggerating.

1. Gather your materials. First of all, you will need a corkboard. I bought mine from National Bookstore for Php 70. I also used wrapper, gold paper, 2 meters of ribbon, a stapler, thumbtacks, laundry pins, and permanent mounting squares. You don't really have to follow mine, it's really up to you. 

2. Wrap the corkboard using your....wrapper. D'oh. Staple it at the back.

3. Stick mounting squares on each corner. 

4. Add ribbon. I stapled the ends at the back because I don't trust glue.

5. *thinks of a lame excuse for running out of ribbon and being too lazy to run to National Bookstore again* It doesn't have to be perfect. Perfection is boring. Ha-ha-ha.

6. Pin thumbtacks (or cute pins hihi) on every intersection point. (See, we really do use math in life. Cartesian Plane!)

7. Tie the string loosely to the thumbtacks and then push the thumbtacks down to secure the hold.

8. Add all your junk and you're done! TADAAAA!!

But of course, stick it to your wall first. ;)

This is going to be very useful for me this upcoming semester. Instead of buying those expensive (and boring) corkboards lined with ugly silver frames (I've always found those ugly. They look like they belong to dirty kitchen screen doors, not your wall), make one for yourself. Who could customize something for you better than yourself anyway? Personality plus plus! 


  1. That is awesome.. I'm thinking of doing it too.

  2. Ahmm.. It is really a great idea! Haha but.. Could you please tell me where did you bought you're wooden laundry pins??